Why Preschool Emotional Intelligence Matters More Than You Think

October 04, 2023 | By Chad Siemer

Emotional intelligence is one of the primary skills associated with a successful future, not just socially but in every aspect of life. The latest studies by TalentSmart indicate that 58% of career success is related to emotional intelligence. Learning to control emotions effectively and show empathy for others are both parts of this critical skill.

The Jupiter School values the vital role emotional intelligence plays in a child’s overall success and happiness. As experts in early childhood education, we foster these skills in our curriculum to unleash positive, lasting effects on a child’s development and relationships.

Emotional Intelligence Explained

Emotional intelligence, or EI or EQ, is the ability to recognize, manage, understand, and effectively use emotions. This involves empathic listening, emotion regulation, emotional awareness, and striving for positive social relationships.

Emotional Intelligence: What It Means for Kids

Success in life is highly dependent on emotional intelligence. We help children understand their emotions and develop emotional management by involving them in emotional intelligence activities. Preschoolers who develop emotional intelligence can more effectively navigate the world.

Empathy-building stories are often used to help children develop empathy and understand others’ emotions. Activities to teach empathy in preschool nurture social awareness in young children.

Why Emotional Intelligence Is So Important

An emotional intelligence curriculum is crucial to developing strong emotion regulation skills. Emotional literacy directly affects your child’s academic success, cognitive skills, relationship building, and mental health.

Research has shown that people with emotional intelligence form deeper connections and are better equipped to navigate complex social interactions. Training in early childhood helps children reach social-emotional milestones that lead to successful adulthood.

How We Teach These Skills

 At The Jupiter School, we incorporate emotional intelligence activities into our daily lessons to give our students every opportunity to grow and learn. Games and activities encouraging cooperation, active listening, and expressing emotions all contribute to enhanced emotional awareness.

Our team utilizes an emotional intelligence assessment process to measure progress and pinpoint areas for more support. Using engaging and age-appropriate emotional intelligence activities, we help students build self-awareness, emotion regulation skills, and empathy.


Developing emotional intelligence in preschoolers significantly contributes to their future success in relationships, academics, and well-being. Prioritizing these essential skills early gives children a crucial advantage when life becomes challenging.

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Our top priority is understanding the value of emotional intelligence in the early stages of life. We recognize that strong emotional intelligence skills set your child up for future success in every aspect of their life.

At The Jupiter School, we focus on more than just teaching ABCs and 123s. Our dedicated team supports each child individually to cultivate empathy, self-regulation, problem-solving skills, and teamwork abilities. Our fun and engaging environment helps your child feel recognized and valued, allowing them to thrive confidently.

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