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– Preschool –

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Preschool- 2 to 4 Years

Our preschool classrooms are exciting and playful! We encourage independent learning and foster confidence in your preschooler though self-directed as well as teacher initiated learning cycles. Our 2 and 3 year olds learn through observation, collaboration and structure. We bring art, nature and the world around us into our language and math lessons for joyful and dynamic learning.

Classical music streams in our classrooms throughout the day to help your preschooler remain in a calm and focused state of mind to be able to learn optimally. Our teachers have years of experience and are able to help maximize your child’s potential wonderfully while nurturing their unique personality. We learn language, pre-reading, math, science, Spanish, cultural studies and art in our preschool classrooms. We integrate a lot of fun, laughs and music into our everyday learning.

The focus is on developing your preschoolers cognitive, sensory, motor and language skills. Your preschooler is gently encouraged to gain independence and develop a sense of self-awareness in a loving environment.

In The Classroom
  • Receptive and Expressive Skills
  • Building 3 to 4 Letter Words
  • Painting with Tempura
  • Concepts 1 to 50
  • Develop repertoire of songs
  • Introduction to Life Sciences
  • Learn Good Sportsmanship and Teamwork


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