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– Toddler Care –

The Jupiter School Offers All The Toddler Care You
Will Ever Need In Downtown Orlando, Our Private
School Features Full Day Programs With Safe

Toddlers- 12 Months to 2 Years

Our Toddler classrooms are energetic and dynamic learning centers for your little movers. While they explore their environment with their newfound love of walking, our teachers provide guidance with learning through play.

We incorporate music, movement, and climbing to help your toddler master his or her gross motor skills. Our curriculum invites the use of activity through circle time, puppet plays, building blocks, practical life centers, and dramatic play to engage your toddler and foster learning.

Your toddler gains socials skills with group learning, community eating tables and holding hands to walk outside! We also focus on cognitive, sensory, language, and practical skill development. We let your toddler play and learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

In The Classroom
  • Story Telling
  • Songs and Dance
  • Developing hand-eye coordination
  • Recognizing shapes, ABC’s and 1,2,3’s
  • Learning Cooperation

Have Your Child Experience The Joy Of Learning!