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Pre-Kindergarten & VPK – 4 to 5 Years

The Jupiter School is one of the private schools in Orlando with a solid reputation. We nurture kids to become independent thinkers by offering a completely personalized teaching experience that’s tailored for the needs of every student. Our goal is to ensure that every learner succeeds academically, socially, and emotionally. Our highly qualified teachers act as mentors for the learners not only academically, but also for their social and emotional well-being. We provide a conducive environment for every learner to thrive.

Active learners and responsible citizens

One of the things that distinguish us as an institution of learning is that our students learn that character and standing up to their beliefs matters. We seek to nurture students to become responsible citizens, to accept diversity, and stand up for what is right. Whether you want your child to achieve success in athletics, arts, or social awareness/responsibility we have invested in all the resources learners need to achieve success. At The Jupiter School, learners can explore their talents by choosing from one of many clubs and activities, that suit their interests. We have also invested in state of the art sports facilities for our athletics programs as well as high-end creative arts facility for the students who love art. We are among the private schools in Orlando with international students and we love the diversity that this brings.

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