How to Find the Best Preschool for Your Child’s Needs

June 13, 2023 | By Chad Siemer

As parents, we are always searching for the best solutions for our child’s development. Choosing the perfect preschool is one of these solutions. Sometimes preschools can all blend together, with each having the same tired curriculums or no particular curriculum at all.

To help you search for the best preschool option for your child, we’ve compiled a guide explaining the parameters that give children the best start in life.

Things to Look for in a Preschool

  •       A Welcoming Space

First impressions are not only important, but they also tell you a lot. Visit quality schools in your area and look for one with a warm, friendly atmosphere. Students should be encouraged to play and learn. Preschools are not substituting babysitters where the objective is simply to keep them safe and occupied until their parents collect them. It should be a place of vibrant activity with challenging activities. The teachers should be active and involved, nurturing the learning process.

  •       A Developmental Curriculum

In the best schools, a curriculum is designed to accommodate a child’s individual learning style. Skill development should include social, academic, emotional, and physical aspects. Make sure the curriculum is aligned with your personal values too. Ask about literacy programs, hands-on activities, outdoor playtime schedules, and emotional support techniques.

  •       Day Structure

Playtime for children should include time for imagination and physical skills to develop. However, structure is also essential for children to feel secure in the environment. Ask about the daily routine to see if a consistent schedule is followed.

  •       Qualified Instructors

The best preschool will employ dedicated, qualified teachers who are passionate about their work. A strong background in child education and development produces engaging teachers who understand how to communicate with children and evaluate their needs.

  •       Your Involvement

Your attention and participation are critical to your child’s preschool success. Ask preschool administrators about parental attendance in the school’s projects and events. Building a robust parent-school connection will help you stay informed, and your child will feel supported both in school and at home.

  •       School Safety

Your child’s safety and well-being are all-important. Walk around the school grounds to ensure they are safe and clean and have required safety equipment like fire extinguishers prominently displayed. Appropriate teacher-to-student ratios, safety procedures, emergency drills and plans, and staff training in first aid also come into play.

  •       Location

Life is hectic, and more so for busy parents. In your search for the best preschool, you should also consider how far it is from your home. Will you have time in heavy traffic to drop your child off at school and be at work on time? These are practical considerations that you should not dismiss.


Finding your child’s perfect preschool learning environment is time-consuming but worth it. Your child will spend many hours per day at a preschool, so find one where your child will thrive. Get details about staff qualifications, a typical daily schedule, learning curriculum, and safety standards before you make a final decision.

The Jupiter School – Preschool Excellence in Action

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