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Our Programs

The Jupiter School provides full day programs for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years.


Our curriculum is divided by age-group:

  • Infants & Toddlers Curriculum (6 weeks – 2 years)
  • Early Preschool Curriculum (2years – 3 years)
  • Preschool (3 years – 4 years)
  • Pre-kindergarten (4years – 5years)

Our Curriculum includes:

Language, Math, Science, Cultural Studies (History and Geography), Art, Physical Advancement and Social Awareness/Responsibility.

Modern Learning

We have a hybrid program that uses many of the methodologies of Montessori philosophy which integrate into the traditional classroom curriculum. This creates a progressive and involved learning environment which fosters independence, creativity, and a strong sense of self-confidence. Our curriculum is designed based on the following beliefs:

  •  Children have natural urge to understand and explore the world  around them
  •  Children learn best when they are active participants in the learning process
  •  The inherent flexibility of our program allows each child to be fully engaged in the learning process , regardless of their skill level, learning style, or social/emotional baselines
  •  The role of the teacher is to be a guide while the child develops into an emotionally and socially mature individual
  •  We promote  “the joy of learning”
  • Our teachers work with your child either individually or in a group-setting in the following ways:
  •  Circle Time to introduce new concepts or lessons to the children everyday
  •  Daily worksheets reinforcing the lessons focusing on language and math
  •  Group projects that encourage children to work in collaboration
  •  Daily reading of age-appropriate books in a group setting
  •  Incorporating arts and crafts to make learning fun and stimulating
  •  Utilizing technology in the classrooms to bring lessons to life

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