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- Infant Care -

Our Infant Daycare Programs & Services Offer an Engaging & Safe Environment For Your Newborn. Our Childcare Preschool Is Located In Downtown Orlando.

Infants- 6 Weeks to 12 Months

Our Infant classrooms are nurturing havens for your littlest ones. Our teachers are trained to pick up on the slightest clues and make sure that your infant always feels cheerful and cared for. We provide consistent communication throughout the day letting you know about the eating, diapering, napping and playtime schedules of your little one.


Our classrooms are equipped with cameras so you able to watch your infant achieve their milestones! We integrate a lot of fun, laughs and music into our everyday learning. The focus is on developing your infants cognitive, sensory, motor and language skills. Your infant is gently encouraged to gain independence and develop a sense of self-awareness in a loving environment.

In The Classroom

  • Story Telling
  • Songs and Dance
  • Tummy Time
  • Manual Dexterity with Blocks
  • Sign Language
  • Focusing on Objects

Have Your Child Experience The Joy Of Learning!




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